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HuckleBe was an Amsterdam-based, women-run and purpose-driven strategic communications consultancy on a mission to propel sustainable futures. Between 2020 and 2023, we worked globally with impact-driven organisations to amplify sustainability voices, boost brand resilience and shore up influential leadership. From bold, intuitive and forward-thinking strategies to thoughtful and engaging content to mind-shifting trainings - we reimagined new ways to elevate sustainability impact.

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We paired our sustainability expertise in climate solutions, green finance and circular economy with creative design and strategic communication to deliver a truly transformative approach that created traction and boosted momentum.

Our impact services

How we catalysed change

Strategic communications diagnostics

Taking a pulse of your current communications context to help redefine your communications direction in more of a strategic and proactive manner.

Sustainability foresight & visioning

Providing advice on sustainability trends for clearer visioning, forecasting and road mapping to enable the creation of more robust strategies and sharper sustainability communications.

Purpose narrative & strategy

Building a refreshed sense of purpose across your organisation with a future-focused narrative and accompanying action plan that help to align teams, boost efficiency, inspire your partners and drive up your impact.

Sustainability voice

Shaping your voice in this growing space enabling you to speak directly to your audiences and inspire behaviour changes that accelerate the sustainability movement.

Capability building

Delivering online and in-person training courses to build up organisational capabilities on delivering strategic, creative and impactful communications.

Ongoing strategic support & guidance

Continuing to strategically support and guide organisations on their communications journey towards further elevating your impact.

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The team

Behind the Magic

Hayley Bagnall

Co-Founder & Chief Innovator

Hayley is a human-centred designer and sustainability communications specialist with impressive global experience. As HuckleBe's Chief Innovator, she helps our clients elevate their sustainability impact through creative visioning, transformative communications strategies and mindshifting trainings.

Chloe Hill

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

A strategic mastermind and natural born storyteller, Chloe has worked with change-makers across six continents delivering sustainable impact for the last 15 years. As the HuckleBe Chief Strategist, Chloe helps our clients creatively navigate our new disruptive world and emerge as a sustainability leader.

Thanks to our incredible creative ecosystem!

We collaborated regularly with some of the most talented graphic designers, digital creators, videographers, storytellers, illustrators and artists as well as sustainabilty strategists and technical content specialists, who are all experienced in producing innovative and sustainability-focused deliverables. Under our strategic and creative guidance, we worked closely with our creatives to deliver the impact and results our clients strove for and had fun whilst doing it!.

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Our impact delivered

Some of our amazing clients

... and some of the nice things they said about us

Thanks to the excellent target audience work, key message generation, strategic foresight and creative visioning, HuckleBe produced a set of highly effective and engaging communications materials that informed and inspired our members.

- Jeroen Oudheusden, Executive Director, FSI

A communications force to be reckoned with! Our team particularly enjoyed the way HuckleBe questioned and challenged assumptions about audience needs and content digestibility. They’re extraordinarily passionate about what they do and we’d love to work with them more!!

- Kate Black, Director of Communications, Metabolic

HuckleBe delivered an energetic training specifically designed for each of our accelerator teams to help them translate and amplify their work for non-technical audiences. Our developers have now improved communication skills, have boosted their reach and also had fun in the process!

- Anna Higueras, Project Manager, Ideas for Change

Thanks to the storytelling superpowers of HuckleBe, our work on nature-based solutions has been brought to life on our new website. We are now able to inform, inspire and influence policymakers — delighted with the final output!

- Annelies Seawell, Project Coordinator, PBL

The team were engaged to assist us with horizon scanning and future trend taxonomy for a UK innovation foundation in critical areas of sustainable energy transition and healthy food systems. Passionate and diligent in their sustainability trend research, they were a great help in getting us towards our final output. Thank you!

- Scott Smith, Managing Partner, Changeist