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Behaviour change? It's all about communication

Ever seen hours and funds poured into a high-potential project, only to have the results fall flat? Ever compiled reams of data and pages of immaculate reports, with the end results showing underwhelming engagement?

No matter the bright ideas and genuine drive behind your work, if you’re not talking about it in a way that resonates with your audience, there’s simply not much point. With every unread report, every misjudged format and every mistimed release, you’re losing a vital opportunity to connect with new and existing audiences, and to scale your impact.

To become that inclusive thought leader, to boldly increase your following, or to enhance your business with authenticity and integrity, it’s not enough to reach the proactive, clued-up and issue-savvy minority. To make the changes you’re working on, you need to be seen by, communicate with, and inspire a wider group.

“Thanks to the excellent target audience work, key message generation, strategic foresight and creative visioning, HuckleBe produced a set of highly effective and engaging communications materials that informed and inspired our members.”
— Jeroen Oudheusden, Executive Director, FSI

How Covid-19 changed the game

The pandemic forced many sectors of society to go digital far faster than initially expected. At the same time, brands, organisations and governments had to cut through the sudden influx of online noise in order to be seen, heard, and trusted.

Conscious, intuitive and empathetic communications took centre stage — and they’ve stayed put. Ikea and Vodafone were just some of the household brands that embraced this new way of communicating.

Life with restrictions and lockdowns also hit home the importance of resilience, as well as a deep need for human connection, and brought fresh urgency to considering our impact on the planet, on both a personal and professional scale.

The upshot? Strategic sustainability communications has never been more relevant, and the global audience that’s primed to be receptive has never been wider. Put simply, the time to change how you do communications is right now.

Unleash the unparalleled power of human-centred communications

Effectively communicating your message is key to sparking behaviour change — whatever that may look like for your purpose. At the core of this impact is a carefully crafted message. One that meaningfully connects with your target audience, and that speaks to their needs and characteristics, as well as to the problem at hand.

You need messaging that’s relatable. That’s honest. That’s bold, strategically tailored. That can enable you to stand out from the digital noise, become a thought leader and cultivate the impact needed and that you strive for.

“A communications force to be reckoned with! Our team particularly enjoyed the way HuckleBe questioned and challenged assumptions about audience needs and content digestibility. They’re extraordinarily passionate about what they do and we’d love to work with them more!”
— Kate Black, Director of Communications, Metabolic

When it comes to convincing people to make a change for the better, it’s no use churning out cold, hard data. Humans don’t connect with numbers; we connect with narratives. And how do you ensure a beginning, a middle and an inspired ending, like in any good story? By incorporating creative and strategic communications right from the start of each project.

Making sure you’re prioritising communications right from the word go is important for two key reasons. Firstly, it ensures you can capitalise on opportunities to generate unique — perhaps even spontaneous — content, as they arise. Secondly, it enables you to share the innovation, evolution and authenticity that’s happening behind the scenes as your project develops; in other words, what makes your work worthy of your audience’s time and attention.

How HuckleBe does it

At HuckleBe, we harness the power of intelligent and transformative communications to enable you to realise your full impact potential, boost your brand resilience and shore you up as an impact-driven leader. We do this by working with you to cultivate the behaviour change you look for in your target audiences with regard to sustainability — from making more informed decisions, to updating policy and rethinking business models, to unlocking finance and donations. We help you to break new ground, by leveraging curiosity, empathy and creativity to create momentum for change.

We offer strategic communications diagnostics and direction, where we build out tailored strategies that enable you to navigate through today’s disruptive landscape, but that also put you at the cutting edge of social and environmental impact. Crucially, we’ll launch your communications strategy right from the start of each impact-driven project you initiate, working to ensure maximum reach and results right from the word go. We stay on top of sustainability and communications trends so we can guide you with clearer visioning and roadmapping for the future. And, by tapping into the hearts and minds of your target audiences, we craft creative content that ensures maximum engagement, and messages that resonate and inspire practical action.

For insightful organisations that recognise the need to address the complex challenges and seize the creative opportunities that have arisen from our post-pandemic world, we also offer capability trainings in strategic communication fundamentals, storytelling for social good, humanising data…Our training works from the ‘inside-out’. We focus on equipping your team with methods and skills that can be directly applied, but we also take you on a journey that helps to shift behaviours and create new mindsets that positively impact on your team’s performance and productivity through better engagement practices and strategies - particularly for this new digital age, and towards generating meaningful and relevant communications that ‘land’ with your target audiences.

To find out more about how HuckleBe can help you take your impact up a gear, get in touch with us today.