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The HuckleBe Journey: How an unlikely pair launched an impact-driven company with a twist

HuckleBe is a strategic sustainability communications agency fresh out of Amsterdam. It is the creative invention of two sustainability masterminds, who have come together to ignite a communications transformation and reimagine how sustainability can be delivered.

Together, Chloe and Hayley combine over 35 years of experience working across the impact sector in multiple countries, sectors, organisations, companies and cultures. This gives the two co-founders a crucial edge in understanding their clients’ specific contexts and needs, born out of deep listening and a passion to drive bold, future-forward responses that enhance positive impact.

Reimagining sustainability

Chloe and Hayley first crossed paths at a meetup for sustainability-savvy creatives, one balmy Amsterdam summer evening in 2019, where an unlikely pair — one a sustainability and communications strategist and the other a human-centred designer — bonded over their shared frustrations of the lack of collaborative action towards solving the massive global challenges that humanity currently faces. Especially when it comes to raising the bar on sustainability. They believe that sustainability traction — something that the world needs to put in place now more than ever before — is fast becoming a communications challenge.

This shared belief sparked the beginning of a unique partnership to create something extraordinary. Something that would be transformative in nature. That would inspire believability by harnessing the power of possibility and, through creative and strategic communication, ensure that we start to reimagine our responses to global sustainability challenges. That would harness their shared drive to shift the status quo and to create something daring and exciting, but at the same time deeply human and relevant. And so the seeds of HuckleBe were sown.

“I remember one of the first times Chloe and I met up - within minutes Chloe’s kitchen walls and windows were completely covered in post-it notes capturing how our joint ideas, skills and expertise could be carefully distilled into what is today the HuckleBe secret sauce and creatively reimagine how to address today’s sustainability challenges!”
— Hayley Bagnall, HuckleBe co-founder & Chief Innovator

The heart of HuckleBe

At HuckleBe’s core is a meaningful, trust-filled and truly creative bond between Chief Strategist Chloe and Chief Innovator Hayley. The journey to founding HuckleBe helped them uncover the spark that’s unique to collaborative pairs: it’s the combination of their shared goals and mutual vision, but differing talents and unlikely journeys, that makes this creative partnership powerful.

“Hayley’s unrelenting sense of what’s possible, empathy-driven approach and exceptional creative visioning and strategic foresight made her the ideal partner to bring HuckleBe to life and ready to deliver supreme impact.”
— Chloe Hill, HuckleBe co-founder & Chief Strategist

The drive to do things differently, to remedy what needs attention when it comes to delivering sustainability effectively, and to update the ideas that are stuck in the past is embedded in HuckleBe’s work, alongside truly valuing different perspectives. A desire to transcend boundaries and to devise innovative solutions with empathy, flexibility, mutual trust and admiration overarches their formidable work ethic.

“Chloe’s unique and straightforward approach, plus her unrelenting passion and drive to inspire change, are one of the many things that make HuckleBe tick. She’s an epic communicator and connector, with a great sense of humour and a transformational way with words. She’s always thinking about the big picture, moving to where the action’s needed, and staying ahead of the game.”
— Hayley Bagnall, HuckleBe co-founder & Chief Innovator

And there’s no better home for HuckleBe than the Netherlands. With EU-leading uptake in electric cars, the first recycled bike path, and the world’s first floating urban farm and solar park, the Dutch have a well-earned reputation for technological innovation and progressive business approaches. Because of this mindset (and precisely because there’s still much work to do!) the HuckleBe co-founders know that the Netherlands is right where they need to be to build this exciting new venture and where it can thrive in a climate of pioneering global sustainability.

Bold, honest, inclusive: this is telling your story, the HuckleBe way

For transformative communication that really speaks to people, think HuckleBe. From bold, intuitive strategy to in-house capability building, HuckleBe offers a conscious, creative and tailored suite of services to clients seeking to reimagine their impact — and realise their full human potential.

In particular, the unique HuckleBe approach bridges the gap between the technical world of data and that of pragmatic decision-making; through humanising the numbers, crafting messages that matter and developing powerful and transformative communication strategies that not only set you apart, but ensure you are achieving impact and creating the change you strive for!

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