Sustainability foresight & trend mapping


Looking into the Future - Helping a UK Innovation Charity respond more effectively to what’s on the horizon

Future trend advisory group, Changeist, partnered with HuckleBe on the initial phases of a social innovation project for a UK innovation foundation. The challenge was to look at all relevant trends connected to the sustainable energy transition as well as for healthy food systems over a 10 year period across the UK in order to help inform organisational strategic decision-making processes for the client.

Our Process: Horizon scanning & future trend taxonomy

To better enable Changeist in their future trend advisory role, HuckleBe set to work by firstly mapping out potential future trends through a horizon scanning process and then secondly grouping trends under specific categories by applying relevant taxonomies. Casting the net wide and leaving no stone unturned was key to the work.

The Solution: Critical thinking & strategic foresight

By uncovering future trends and applying a critical thinking process along with strategic foresight, HuckleBe were able to equip Changeist and the UK Innovation charity with essential early intelligence on a number of key topics connected with food systems and energy. This intel will be used to shape organisational strategy now and for the future and how they can best respond to what’s likely about to happen in the short, medium and long-term with regard to sustainability.

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  • Client: Changeist (The Hague)
  • Date: May 2021


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