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Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

The Power of Flowers - Working towards a transparent and responsible supply chain

The Challenge: Generating support for a sustainable flower sector

FSI sought out strategic communications advice from HuckleBe in early 2021 to mobilise increased support from their members and beyond for a more sustainable flower sector. The HuckleBe team rose to the challenge and set to work by immersing themselves in FSI specific context as well as their target audiences’ to understand what makes them tick and what information needs to be shared, and how, in order to ensure more buy-in.

Our Process: Translating strategy into effective content

Equipped with distilled knowledge on FSI desired impact, direction and audience characteristics, the HuckleBe team were able to make targeted recommendations on FSI’s brand new organisational strategy as well as suggest and deliver a set of powerful and engaging communications products for their 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The Solution: Communicating the importance of change

By tailoring FSIs new business strategy and communicating its new refreshed offer to its members in an effective and engaging way, including through a social media campaign, FSI is fast becoming the top leader in paving the way towards a more sustainable flower sector ensuring increased buy-in from members.

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  • Client: Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (Brussels)
  • Date: January 2021


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