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The NDC Partnership

Putting the NDC Partnership’s work in the spotlight - Helping to combat climate change and build a better future

The Challenge: Inspiring the application of climate change solutions

HukcleBe were invited to support the NDC Partnership (NDC) office in Washington DC as their writing and storytelling team. The purpose of our engagement was to lead on strategic messaging and creative content for several of NDC’s flagship publications which are widely shared with national governments, international institutions, civil society, researchers and the private sector to help fast-track climate and development action.

Our Process: Bringing words to life & finding the right story angle

To ensure maximum end user engagement and shareability, our team conducted deep dive research, applied appropriate content framing and humanised data to help bring to life all NDC flagship publications and online material that we were engaged on. This enabled our team able to find the right story angle and carefully craft messages that land with the NDC Partnership audience.

The Solution: Spreading the word and demonstrating possibility

By immersing ourselves in NDCs target audiences as well as the global and urgent climate context, our team were able to produce tailored and engaging content and messaging that not only resonates but also helps to spread the word on the challenge ahead and what can be done.

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  • Client: The NDC Partnership (Washington, DC)
  • Date: September 2020


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