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Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency

Connecting the dots to inspire more action on landscape restoration - Storytelling the success on local nature-based solutions

The Challenge: Inspiring action from global policymakers to tackle land degradation and biodiversity loss

HuckleBe provided creative communications services to the Dutch Environment Agency (PBL) in the Hague on the creation of their brand new nature-based solutions website; a platform which visualizes future global landscape scenarios and offers on-the-ground technical solutions. The purpose of our engagement was to develop creative content that would inspire global policymakers to undertake more landscape restoration in their respective countries.

Our Process: Deep dive case study research and digital storytelling

Working closely with the PBL team, HuckleBe identified various projects across Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe where landscape restoration has been implemented successfully and at scale. By conducting deep-dive desk and interview research into each project and applying impact storytelling techniques to boost digital engagement, our team generated a powerful set of 12 engaging case studies each telling a unique story of landscape restoration from different corners of the globe.

The Solution: Demonstrating what’s possible with real-life stories

By uncovering and unpacking real-life landscape restoration stories, our team was able to help PBL show the connections between future land scenarios and on-the-ground technical solutions that enhance decision-making about improved land-use management.

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  • Client: Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (PBL)
  • Date: July 2021


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