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Finding new ways to talk about technology as an enabler for social good - Empowering digital start-ups with storytelling techniques

The Challenge: Enabling DLT4EU digital start-up venture teams to humanise the way they talk about tech-for-social-good

HuckleBe provided storytelling and pitching expertise to the DLT4EU accelerator programme (led by Metabolic, Ideas for Change, Digital Catapult with support and advice from the European Commission’s EU Science, Research and Innovation). The eight venture teams required support on translating technical data into compelling and impact-driven narratives around the circular economy and digital citizenship to effectively engage target audiences both in the social and public sector.

Our Process: Delivering a ‘Storytelling for Social Good’ Masterclass

Measuring the venture team’s current pitching capabilities on DLT4EU Demo Day enabled the HuckleBe team to design capability training tailored to the team’s needs. This was delivered via a 3hr online interactive, practical and creative Masterclass including content building activities to ‘tell your story’ about the proposed solution, the impact vision and company mission.

The Solution: Building capability to effectively engage target audiences on accelerating social impact

The masterclass equipped the technical teams with meaningful, inspiring and impactful storytelling techniques, and generated a positive awakening and urgency in the DLT4EU programme and ventures teams to reimagine the value of communications beyond pitching (e.g. social media, website, TedXtalks etc.) This led to HuckleBe supplying additional capability training - ‘Find Your Voic’e and ‘Amplify your Voice’ - with more in depth target audience work to further support the venture teams.

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  • Client: DLT4EU (Barcelona)
  • Date: March 2021


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