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Una Collective

An all women-led organisation committed to positive disruption - Co-creating strategic content for a just and resilient world where no one is left behind

The Challenge: Getting to the heart of Una Collective and understanding what’s needed to make a societal shift

HuckleBe joined Una Collective’s Founder and team in co-creating a set of meaningful communication products - Founder Story and Manifesto - to provide clear direction, inspire human potential across the organisation, and influence collaborating partners, in order to achieve their mission and social impact goals of gender equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Our Process: Designing and facilitating insight gathering sessions

Creative activities such as ‘Founder story fortune cookies’ to ideating on ‘We want to live in a world where…’ enabled the HuckleBe team to uncover the types of behaviours and mindsets intrinsic to Una Collective. The collaborative process delivered a fully bespoke Founder Story and Manifesto, which both captured the authentic human qualities needed to foster equality, value diversity and promote inclusivity, now and into the future.

The Solution: Delivering bold impact branding pieces aimed at behaviour change

The Founder Story and Manifesto are inspiring and guiding the Una Collective team in practical ways, as well as boosting engagement, organisational visibility and thought leadership with wider stakeholders, across both the private and public sector, and specifically within the Netherlands who are working in this space. With Una Collective confidently walking their talk, they can influence others to harness these new ways of working and actively be a part of this societal shift.

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  • Client: Una Collective (Amsterdam)
  • Date: September 2021


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